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Planning an Introductory Visit to Lupin

Your Invitation to Visit
Introductory Day Visit
Admission Fees
Recreational Facilities
Food, Art, and Entertainment
Overnighting, Camping, and Lodging
"What to Bring" Ideas
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New to Social Nudity?
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Lupin Lodge
Lupin's Clubhouse and Restaurant

Your Invitation to Visit

Lupin is a 110-acre private club and resort where social nudity is a long-valued choice of the membership. It's a comfortable place to play and relax, entirely free of clothes, cares and unnatural taboos about the human form.

You, your family and friends are invited to visit Lupin to experience the unique feeling of freedom it has afforded many thousands since its founding in 1936. Lupin offers a wholesome integration of body, mind and spirit in a beautiful, Eden-like setting.

Each body finds acceptance at Lupin, as the diversity is endless. You can appreciate your own unique physique as the special gift of life that it is and just be yourself naturally. The feeling is profoundly relaxing and fundamentally liberating.

Simply call the Lupin Lodge office at 408) 353-9200  for reservations. Upon your arrival, when you register at the office, we will require that you show an official photo ID such as your driver's license, state ID, or passport (a work badge is not acceptable).

Introductory Day Visit

First-timers to nude recreation and to Lupin are generally given a short orientation and guided tour of the grounds to begin their initial visit. Afterwards, visitors and guests are free to enjoy the remainder of their first day at Lupin as they wish.

Though the policy is officially "clothing-optional", body acceptance and social nudity are customary and traditional at Lupin. Its members support the club as their clothes-free sanctuary, and especially on a warm, sunny day, naturally assume that visitors and guests come to participate rather than to gawk.

Therefore, weather permitting, the initial walking tours of the grounds are normally done without clothing other than comfortable footwear. Carrying a towel on the tour is encouraged as it provides both hygienic seating and an all-purpose security blanket until the novelty of nudity fades in consciousness, usually much sooner than imagined.

Most people use their vehicles as their lockers during a Lupin visit. Do remember to remove your vehicle's keys before locking the doors.

Admission Fees (per adult)

24-Hour Membership Fee

Day Visit Only (9am - Midnight)
    Monday - Thursday $25/Adult
    Friday - Sunday (& Holiday) $50/Couple
Overnight/Afterhours $15/Adult
Full 24-hour Visit $80/Couple
$50/Single (Weekend)
$40/Single (Mon-Thur)

Preferred Guest Rates - TNS Cardholders:

Day Visit (Only) $20/Adult
Overnight/Afterhours $10/Adult
Full 24-hour visit $60/Couple

Minor Children accompanied by their parents are admitted free.

Preferred Guest Rates are offered to Introductory Visitors (first day only), Students (age 18-25 with college I.D.), Lupin Associates, Gold Member Guests, members of The Naturist Society (TNS), INF (International Naturist Federation) and recognized landed clubs with facilities and a reciprocal policy for Lupin members.  Those not qualifying for Preferred Guest Rates may otherwise gain admission only through some form of Lupin membership.

A 24-Hour Membership (above) is available on a daily/per-visit fee basis.  It includes full use of the grounds and free admission to most entertainment.  Accommodations and food are extra.  (For better values explore what other types of Lupin membership are available.)

Recreational Facilities

Upper PoolTennisLupin offers multiple recreational choices. There is one swimming pool (heated year-round), two spas, two tennis courts, a volleyball court, a sauna, a shuffleboard court, basketball net, tetherball, children's playground, table tennis, horseshoe pits, books, puzzles, board games and cable TV/VCR in the clubhouse lounge for rainy days and special events.

VolleyballThough daytime recreation is mostly unstructured, during the April through October prime season Lupin hosts a monthly Volleyball Tournament Weekend, open to member and non-member competitive players at a "B" level or higher. Men's, women's and coed teams are formed to achieve a balance of skill and fun with the winning team members earning two scoops each of their favorite ice cream.

Clubhouse DeckLupin is above all an outdoor experience, a perfect place to kick back and enjoy clear mountain air while communing with nature--just far enough from urban "civilization" to forget about its stresses but close enough for convenient access. For reading, relaxing or socializing there are multiple lawns and decks on different levels, each with unique scenery. Lounging choices include both sun and shade. The trees are quite varied and magnificent.

Oak TreeNo visit is complete without a rejuvenating hike on Lupin's nature trail, which combines a spectacular overview of the San Andreas Fault with a backdrop of Santa Cruz Mountain coastal redwoods, features a broad array of verdant Northern California flora and provides a vigorous, aerobic workout or a leisurely climb, depending on one's pace. Adjacent to an open space preserve, Lupin's mostly undeveloped acreage is habitat for wildlife of many species in addition to naked homo sapiens.

Food, Art, and EntertainmentClubhouse Sign

The Lupin Clubhouse Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, beverages and snacks daily for a variety of tastes and budgets. Vegetarians, omnivores and kids can all find appealing choices on the basic menu, while gourmets can look to the head chef's specials for something more exotic.

The wine list features selections of local Santa Cruz Mountain and regional Northern California labels. Other beverages available include beers, natural juices, espressos, teas, soft drinks, seltzers and bottled waters.

The informal dining ambiance engages all the senses. The well-sited building has many windows to bring the outdoors in when it's warm and is heated enough to go nude when it's not. Besides spacious indoor seating, it also offers deck tables with a stunning sunset view and umbrella-shaded patio tables overlooking an expansive lawn bordered with natural stone landscaping and surrounded by large oaks and Monterey pines.

The restaurant walls contain the Lupin Art Gallery, featuring periodic showings of selective Bay Area artists and photographers, including some among the membership. Depending upon the evening event scheduled, this flexible structure can also become theater, concert hall, dance club, meeting room, or clubhouse.

Overnighting, Camping, and Lodging

Many members find that overnighting at Lupin provides more than just a convenient extension of a relaxing day visit. Waking up to a peaceful Lupin morning feels almost like weightlessness as the warm rising sun seems to melt away yesterday's burdens and vaporize tomorrow's concerns.

Depending upon one's comfort/budget/privacy tradeoff preferences, there are many modes of sleeping over to enjoy a more complete getaway:

Sleeping Bag
Bring your own bag and camp under the stars on our tennis deck until 8AM. Cost of space included in overnight fee.
Bring your own (or rent one for $15) and choose an available/unreserved tent site.
Dry-camping/level parking for small-to-medium self-contained vehicles only. Owners of large RV's should call ahead about accessibility. Electrical hook-ups (at $15.00/night) are sometimes available on a first-come/first-serve basis. Site cost included in membership fee.
Non-private, heated shelter operated under dorm rules between 11PM - 8AM for $10 plus the membership fee for individuals with own sleeping bag. No reservations required.
YurtsIn yurtRent a private, comfortably furnished, carpeted, heated, lighted, spacious 16' diameter sleeping dome with nearby bath facilities for $40 Mon-Thu/$50 Fri-Sun & Holidays, plus tax and membership fee. A deposit is required to guarantee reservations (with 24 hour cancellation). Special event yurt prices are $78. Limit 4 people, not pets, no smoking.
AmberwoodRent a full-service, fully-furnished cabin with bath capable of sleeping up to a cozy six people for $125 per night + tax (plus $12 per adult over 2) plus applicable membership fees. A deposit is required to guarantee reservations (with 24 hour cancellation).


"What to Bring" Ideas

  • Photo ID (for registration)
  • Recommended footwear:
    • Sandals or shower shoes for most surfaces
    • Light-soled court shoes (only) for tennis/volleyball
    • Cleated soles for hiking the nature trail slopes
  • Towels. (A seating courtesy for personal hygiene.)
  • Sunscreen, hat, sunshades, etc. (Shade is available.)
  • Lounge chairs. (Limited club lounges available.)
  • Tennis racquet and balls. (Volleyball available.)
  • Favorite books, games and other quiet amusements.
  • Earphones, if you also bring electronic sound.
  • Sweat clothes, casual wear. (Evenings are often cool.)
  • Flashlight, if you plan to stay past sunset.

"Do Not Bring" Policies

  • Camera/video equipment. (Banned, except announced events and members of Lupin Camera Club.)
  • Anti-social/predatory behavior; offensive intoxication.
  • Hard alcohol prohibited. (Beer and wine available).
  • Fireworks, firearms, weapons of any kind. (All prohibited.)
  • Illegal substances and toxic materials. (Prohibited.)
  • Unrelated minors. (Except with a parental release.)
  • Pets.
  • Electronic sound. (Except with earphone use.)
  • Discourteous smoking; irresponsible littering.
  • Swim suits. (Not permitted in pools, spas or sauna.)

New to Social Nudity?

Nude recreation is surprisingly relaxing and uniquely freeing, as millions in Europe, North America and elsewhere have discovered. It may also be the ultimate experience of self-acceptance.

Though nobody's "perfect", we're all perfectly human and quite acceptable just as we really are. A lifetime of ingrained self-consciousness can sometimes evaporate in minutes at Lupin.

Most of us use Lupin as an anytime getaway from everyday stress, a place to play or unwind, however it pleases at the moment. It is also a wonderful place to meet new and old friends.

At Lupin you'll meet a cross-section of interesting, fun-loving and humanly conscious people who will accept you as you are and treat you with friendly respect. Feelings of openness and mutual vulnerability help build interpersonal trust and provide opportunities for unexpected friendships across individual differences of gender, age, culture, shape, hue, wealth and career.

You'll find Lupin's overall ambience family-like and non-erotic. The underlying absence of sexual pressure minimizes stress and assures the safety and comfort of everyone, especially children.

Management is responsive to complaints to the contrary, as feedback from members and guests is very helpful in screening out those who would engage in predatory or otherwise inappropriate behavior. Though instances are rare, violations of the Sexual Harassment Policy result in expulsion and, if warranted, prosecution of the perpetrator.

Complete nudity and a cleansing shower are expected for use of pools, spas and sauna. Clothing is optional elsewhere at Lupin, though nudity is always acceptable and usually preferred by most members. People may and do wear clothes if the weather cools, the sun burns or whenever it feels personally appropriate.

Nude sports, such as tennis or volleyball, usually present no particular problems, given proper footwear. After all, the original Olympics were performed in the buff to permit unrestricted movement and minimize reaction time.

All of Lupin's membership, visitor, guest and inquiry files are confidential and for internal use only. All privacy requests are respected.

If Nudity Still Poses a Problem

In recognition that some issues around social nudity are uniquely gender based, Lupin also offers special "Women at Lupin" and "Men at Lupin" days to enable visitors to become more comfortable with a nude environment while clothed. Some people also feel that a first nude experience would be less threatening in an all same gender group.

Visiting Lupin from Out-of-Area?

Conveniently located midway between San Francisco and Monterey, Lupin offers a carefree holiday base within easy reach of all points of interest in Northern California. Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz area nude beaches are within a half-hour drive in different directions. 

jet The nearest international airport is at San Jose, about 20 miles north of Lupin along nearby Highway 17. Both San Francisco and Oakland airports are about an hour's drive in non-commute traffic. A rental car is recommended if any sight-seeing is planned.

A Special Micro-Climate Click for Los Gatos, California Forecast

Next only to its natural beauty, Lupin's most appealing feature may be its superb micro-climate, perhaps the sunniest in the Bay Area, especially during the sometimes fog-shrouded summers, as our San Francisco members will attest. Lupin's warm, sunny slopes, located just beyond the moderating coastal mist, provided the fruitful site of a pre-prohibition California vineyard.

The prime sunning season at Lupin tends to run from April, when wildflowers are in fullest bloom, through October. By June the mostly cloudless days have normally turned the winter grasses from green to gold, and rainfall becomes truly rare until mid-autumn. Daytime high temperatures typically range from 70-90°F while nighttime lows are usually in the 50-60°F range.

Even the cooler, less-popular period from November through March remains comfortable compared to most locales. Though rain on any given day is more probable, it is not unusual to find sunbathers around the heated pools at Lupin while most of the country shivers. Off-season highs normally run from 55-75° F with lows most often falling to 30-40° F levels.

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